What can be done to prevent premature aging?


When approaching menopause, a wave of anxiety, distress and depressioncomes to dear ladies and many of them tends to have a menstrual daysand theyare anxious of old age. While menopausal should also be accepted as life passing period and should be minimized its effects and symptoms with  correct way which is possiblewith frequent exercise,preventing  weight gainand diagnosticactionsto ensure the safety and timely treatment and wecan transform this period into one of the sweetest life periods.



Is hysterectomy (surgical removal of the uterus),  the latest methodin the case of persistent bleeding?


In cases that bleeding wasnot  leiomyoma or malignantand the patient is eligible, new methods can be used, such as endometrial ablation which this method is completely noninvasive and effective.Using these methods or other heating  methods disappears uterine bleeding tissue andbleeding in patients resolves completely without  invasive surgery. In this method, especially for younger women who have bleeding problems at lower age is recommended that fortunately can be done now in Iran.



When should  start prevention of pregnancy after miscarriage?


Given that prevention of pregnancy for up to four months after the abortion (for any reason) is recommended, prevention methods Should be Started immediately after abortion. Taking oral contraceptives should be started right after abortion. If abortion is  in the first trimester, the immediate insertion of the IUD device is useful and effective.



What is contraception emergency methods?


The main advantage of contraception emergency methods is  prevention of unwanted pregnancies and reduce abortions of Janan which correct  and comprehensive information in this regard is very important deal.The best and easiest method is to use Lonzhil  pill (levonorgestrel) as 75/0 mg initially and repeat in the next 12 hours, but eating 120 mg as a whole within the first 120 hours after intercourse is suspect  which in compared to birth control pills has less complications and it is easy to endure.The success rate is 85%  and following the use of this procedure three weeks should be considered  ; however, this method is not recommended as consistent at all.



What supplements do you recommend  at the menopausal transition ?


If use of supplementation is necessary and is based on the physician's discretion, it is not prohibitive and can be beneficial; However, excessive intake fever of supplements  is so high among Iranian women that  when I ask patients the names of  used drugs, there is a long list of additional drugs in their daily intake which often has beenon recommendations of friends, colleagues, dear neighbors .



Do you recommend taking birth control pills for pilgrimage affairs or fasting?



Due to the excessive use of birth control pills at the wrong time torecommendation ofinappropriate people without medical supervision for obese and older women and  with high blood pressure even apparently healthy women can lead to increased  cerebral vascular accidents, increased  bleeding of irregular after Ramadan or  pilgrimage. Therefore, we see a significant increase in effects of using  contraceptive pills on  Ramadan.

  علت عود عفونت‌هاي تناسلي در بانوان، به‌رغم رعايت بهداشت چيست؟

در پاسخ به اين سؤال بايد گفت ذهنيت بسياري از بانوان از تعريف عفونت در بسياري موارد اشتباه است و بسياري از مواقع ترشحات طبيعي دوره‌اي را با عفونت اشتباه مي‌گيرند يا در افرادي كه افتادگي مثانه دارند و در سنين بالاتر هستند، نشت ادراري علت ترشح بدبوي اين افراد است و بارها با تشخيص غلط، تحت درمان عفونت قرار مي‌گيرند.
در مرتبه دوم، در مواردي كه واقعاً فرد مبتلا به عفونت است، در اكثريت موارد بايد زوجين تحت درمان قرار گيرند كه اكثراً درمان زوجين مورد بي‌توجهي قرار مي‌گيرد.
در مرتبه سوم، در مورد علت شكايت از عود عفونت در افرادي كه بهداشت را رعايت مي‌كنند، بايد گفت در بسياري از موارد تغيير PH محل با شوينده‌هاي قليايي نظير صابون و... زمينه را براي رشد عفونت‌هاي دستگاه تناسلي كه اكثراً در PH قليايي رشد مي‌كنند، فراهم مي‌سازد و با مراجعه به پزشك متخصص مشكل رفع مي‌شود و بايد از درمان‌هاي نامناسب خودداري كرد.

  در مورد زخم‌هاي دهانه رحم كه مقاوم به درمان است چه بايد كرد؟

كولپوسكوپي و بيوپسي از ضايعات مشكوك دهانه رحم، قطعي‌ترين راه تشخيص به‌موقع بدخيمي‌هاي دهانه رحم است.

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