Sonography performanceat the right time is veryimportant fordiagnosis and treatment of cyst.


Three main points should be focusedin good dealing with ovarian cysts: sonographytime,sonographyreplyand clinical examination of patient.

Sonography performance time is particularly is important, because there are a lot of oocytes in per ovary that one of these follicles containing oocytes usually grows in per menstrual cycle and it is released in the middle of the menstrual cycle. Sometimesa large number of  follicles grow and will continue to grow even after the mid-cycle and  in the second half of menstrual cycle leads to the diagnosis of cyst in larger size and cystic appearance. These cysts are often physiologic and it is not necessary to special treatment. Therefore, sonography should be performed preferably on the fifth day of menstrual to avoid this mistake in cases that patient has no pain and if the cyst was still the same size as the previous, should be consulted to physician for further treatment; otherwise it is not necessary to special action. In such cases, exercise is not prohibitive and use of contraceptive pills are not recommended.

When  insonographycysts or follicles are seen  small and multiple, it must be said about 30 to 35 percent of women  have such features in their ovaries which is called pco equation. If these equations appear only in sonography and patient  does not have other problem such as menstrual, disturbances, hirsutism and obesity, avoiding weight gain and weight control is important; but if the individuals of family are diagnosed with diabetes plus mentioned symptoms , it is necessary to special treatment including: regular exercise and regular physical activity.  Unfortunately, we are faced in many cases with the mistaken belief that exercise and physical activityis harmful for cyst.

If irregular menstruation continuesin young girls during the first two yearsafter menarche  in form of increasingdistances between the two periods, glucose tolerance test is recommended inoral form; also performance  of this testisrecommended to women who have polycystic ovary syndrome.It is worth mentioningthat use of glycemic control pills will have apreventive effectof diabetes.

 Using contraceptive pillshas a temporary effect on the improvement of menstrual disorders  of this group and  can not be beneficial in treating them in the long term.In cases which patients are simultaneously hirsutism,using Simultaneousof  contraceptive pillswith oral antiandrogenscan be used effectively.

Disruption of lipid, is a common finding in patients with PCO.

Using contraceptive pillsisconsidered an appropriate method for preventing ovarian cysts in women who have a sonographic appearance of pco.

All women who have polycystic ovary,must embarkto  glucose tolerance testand it should be repeated in  normal termsevery two years and those who haveimpaired test,should be tested annually.At the time, blood pressure control,circumference of wrist andevaluation ofHyperlipidemiais helpful in the diagnosis of complications of this metabolic disease.

In cases that  on ultrasonography are seen, simple cysts larger than 10 cm,smallerSimple cysts with pain or anemia,large cysts  with intermittent severe pain,Dermoid cysts with thick wall or solid components, it is necessary to  follow the exact and referral to Physicians as soon as possible.





There is no consensus among specialists in use ofbirth control pills for treatment, but it should be noted thatin many cases, cysts go away without medication and just being under consideration  within several months.But if after thisperiodcyst remained, there areappropriate treatment optionssuch as aspiration of cystwith ultrasound or surgery in laparoscopic form or open surgery  whichis actingon the discretion of the physician. In the case of women who do not yet have any children,except in emergenciesis avoided from surgery as possible as. It should be mentioned,If for any reason these peopleunderwent abdominal surgery, it is recommended that take action as soon as possible to get pregnant.

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